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General information

General Information

Country & The People

Population: 62 ml ( Dec 2016)

Language:  Italian (official), German (parts of Trentino-Alto Adige region are predominantly German speaking), French (small French-speaking minority in Valle d'Aosta region), Slovene (Slovene-speaking minority in the Trieste-Gorizia area)

Christian 80% (overwhelmingly Roman Catholic with very small groups of Jehovah's Witnesses and Protestants), Muslim (about 800,000 to 1 million), atheist and agnostic 20%

Age structure:
0-14 years: 13.69% (male 4,337,792/female 4,151,901)
15-24 years: 9.74% (male 3,026,359/female 3,012,882)
25-54 years: 42.46% (male 13,003,171/female 13,326,901)
55-64 years: 12.73% (male 3,826,630/female 4,069,855)
65 years and over: 21.37% (male 5,696,612/female 7,555,437) (2016 est.)

Major urban area:
ROME (capital) 3.718 million; Milan 3.099 million; Naples 2.202 million; Turin 1.765 million; Palermo 853,000; Bergamo 840,000 (2015)
Source(s): The CIA World Factbook

Fix phone Total subscriptions: 20,236,305
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 33 (July 2015 est.)
country comparison to the world: 15

Mobile Phones:
total: 92.52 million
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 150 (July 2015 est.)
country comparison to the world: 18

Broadcast Media:
two Italian media giants dominate - the publicly owned Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) with 3 national terrestrial stations and privately owned Mediaset with 3 national terrestrial stations; a large number of private stations and Sky Italia - a satellite TV network; RAI operates 3 AM/FM nationwide radio stations; about 1,300 commercial radio stations (2007)

Internet users:  
total: 40.559 million
percent of population: 65.6% (July 2015 est.)
country comparison to the world: 18

Source(s): The CIA World Factbook

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing Communications
Approximate numbers of B2C direct marketing communications an individual receives.
  Direct marketing mailings by post:  15 per year
  Direct marketing e-mails:  20 per day ( mainly it is spam)
  Direct marketing phone calls: 30 per year ( mainly are telecommunication, gas, light offers)
Approximate numbers of B2B direct marketing communications an employee receives
  Direct marketing mailings by post: 20 per year
  Direct marketing e-mails: 10 per day (mainly it is spam)
  Direct marketing phone calls: 20 per year ( mainly are telecommunication, gas, light offers)

List Business

Universe Lists :
Households: 20 million
Businesses: 5,0 million
List brokerage firms: 1
List owners: 50

Lists available: about 100 mainly emails-b2c
Databases available: 0 ( in the meaning of cooperative database )
Source(s): mls

List Markets
10 years ago Italy was among the European countries with the most different knowledge for Direct Marketing and this affected his growth. Now the Italian market is showing signs of growth, because European companies are introducing new ideas and new professionals, and there is the boom of online purchases. Then the gap with DE UK FR is going to be reduced.

The law started to regulate direct marketing later than other European countries and with different attitude of mind. Since 1997 the “Privacy’s Garante” has been interpreting the law very strictly. At the same time direct marketers have not tried to regulate the market, consequently does not exist an ethical code, the sources are sometime transparent, local post structures have had a negative impact on the development of D.M.  But on march 2006 the Italian law has changed in order to support the economy: the opt-out is possible for mail offers. Now also Germany and France have a strict data protection laws then rules are becoming very similar.

Source(s): mls

Differences with De and Fr :
1) In Italy exists only 1 robinson list compulsory only for 1 source: the phone directories.
2) The commissioner dislikes operation like to append b2c data, to calculate social credit score etc.
3) Players dislike to build cooperative database. lack of information means poor analysis.
4) The idea of net names agreement does not like to many Italian sources renting mailing lists.
5) The file could be supplied to the final client and not necessarily to a bureau service ( a third part) .
6) The Stamp fee, with poste italiane is cheap.
7) Merge and purge is cheap.
8) The list market does not appreciate profiled list if the list rental price becomes expensive. A cheap list rental price is the key to place orders.
9) The informative must indicate every data purpose and many details.
10) List owners are, in the 70% of cases, organizations based abroad in DE FR PT ES UK.

What is similar with De and Fr:
1) To use the list only one time.
2) To scratch the list when the mailing has been printed/sent.
3) The Email broadcast is done by the list owner on behalf of the user.
4) The email list owner manages data protections claims.
5) List rental agreement.
6) Right to delete data, right to give an informative complete.
7) In the list market you can find suppliers working with CPM fee but also who works in CPL ( mainly in email marketing)

Conclusion: The new law Global data Protection Regulation will standardize Eurore !!

Channels :
1) Telemarketing has the handicap to use the robinson-list ( registro delle opposizioni, 1 ml of phone numbers ), but only for the source phones directories. Telemarketing in general is considered intrusive. Users prefers mobile phones because more popular. Many call centers are based in East Europe or Egypt.
2)  Email Marketing has been ruined because many list owners broadcasted with spam attitude. Open rate and click trough are going down.
3) Co registration and Co sponsor.  It seems the trend. The final user will broadcast with his platform and can control results. Possibility to use multichannel strategy.
4) Mobile Marketing is improving due the diffusion of smartphones and e-shop behaviour.     
5) Mailing. Underestimated by marketers he continues to give results.
6) Inserts.  Underestimated by marketers he continues to give results.
7) Fax.  Dead.

Source(s): mls

List Prices
The criteria for pricing lists vary. Some lists are priced per thousand, some per total quantity - plus flat costs and additional costs per special selection criteria. CPL CPA and CPM in the email marketing world.
Source(s): mls

Legal Issues
Opt in or opt out*?
Business-to-consumer lists:
  Direct mail: opt-out  informed
  Telemarketing: opt-in
  E-mail: opt-in
  SMS: opt-in
  Fax: opt-in
Business-to-business lists:
  Direct mail: opt-out
  Telemarketing: opt-in
  E-mail: opt- in
  SMS:  opt-in
  Fax: opt- in

Opt-in means that only people who have specifically given their permission to be contacted for direct marketing purposes (e.g. by ticking an opt-in box) can be contacted. Opt-out means that anyone who has not specifically objected (e.g. by ticking an opt-out box) to further direct marketing communications can be contacted for DM purposes.Bottom of Form
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