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List Management
Insert of brochures in top player mail order house selling in Germany brands such as Nike, Diesel, Puma etc.
We reccomend these markets : mail order, insurances, travels, ong, sports,
National Geographic Magazine Subscribers. Target : high educated and affluent. Only postal addresses.
Some segments: UK 51000 ; rest of Europe  96000. Special condition for IT and ES.
List of Expats !!  Email available !  It's possible to select for country where the expat is living; for instance Italians in Uk or French people in Europe ( about 80000 emails ). The list comes from a website giving suggestions, organising parties and meetings. The list had good results for : Insurance, Publishers, Low Cost Companies.

The ultimate count about b2b file with all East Europe countries and republics of the former Soviet Union. Require for free the complete statistic with other information such as vat code, email, activity, size, turnover, date of registration, contact person, share capital, phone.

B2B addresses by COUNTRY
Armenia 256.994
Azerbaijan 79.040
Belarus 175.135
Bulgaria 697.254
Cyprus 52.630
Estonia 235.426
F.Y.R.of Macedonia
Georgia 124.875
Greece 350.000
Hungary 470.000

Kazakhstan 410.852
Kyrgyzstan 93.177
Latvia 203.092
Lithuania 206.607
Moldova 175.433
Norway 418.115
Romania 684.661
Russia 4.811.543
Serbia 281.246
Slovakia 778.225
Ukraine 1.834.043
Uzbekistan 269.817

Require for free the complete statistic
New trends in the Spanish market.
Worldwide Medical Masterfile

96 countries covered

1000 medical specialities

download the datacard.  
worldwide medical masterfile
GDPR : the new data protection law explained by Professionals for Direct Marketers.
Exclusive list B2B covering 3 countries:
1 Ml of personalised contacts. About 30% of companies with  more than 100 employees.
How many Hotels classified by stars are there in the world ? Only an international list can answer ! This is possible with an unique list owner who collects, standardises information and creates a marketing database. Here the split for each country. For more details asks to Lists4Europe.

Inserts of brochures in the most important and targetted Spanish magazines. Ask for free datacard

New Russian File ! Mobile Phones (update 2016).
380 ml of mobile numbers. Selections by gender and city.
How magazine read by consumers explains the new European data protection law.

Our partner, Opt-4, as a speaker talked about GDPR the new European data protection law. Lists4Europe has the concrete vision of the list market evolution and can support strategic decisions. Downlaod the Italian version and ask to receive the english and spanish version.

Lists4Europe covers leading sources of data profiling new mothers in: Italy, France, Spain. A recent agreement permits to cover also: Swizterland, Brazil and Turkey
vat code: ES19890084Y
phone number 0039 3889323062
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