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Arrange a meeting in the center of Milan or Valencia.

Call Marco Merlo

phone numbers: 0034 699551812 or 0039 3889323062

and speak in Spanish, French or English

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Form to ask count, quotation, information.

Mls is a brand that started up in Italy in 1990.

Rcr List Broker, member of Lists4Europe, is the company in charge for the South of Europe.

Invoice data: RCR - Cantarrana 1 blq 2 pta 61 - 46137 - Playa Puebla Farnals - Spain.  
Vat Code:  ES  19890084Y

Mls is a brand of RCR - vat code ES19890084Y

Tel. 0034 699551812

list broking activity since 1990

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