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list broker - italian direct marketing list broker

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Mls is an Italian List Broker

Tips to recruite new clients in Italy

Lists: useful datacards to download

Direct Marketing purposes
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Mls has been working since 1985 in the italian list market arena

and tries answer to your main questions

about direct marketing in Italy.
mls logo. In the list market since 1990

Direct Marketing to recruite in Italy

What channel to choose ? email marketing ?postal mail ?txt messages ?inserts ? telemarketing ?  how do i get traffic ?

To optimize Direct Marketing actions.

Mls can support  list planlead generationmerge/purge lists overview in your way to the top.


The widest range of Italian  targettedupdatedmonitored lists from transparent sources.

Mls is a founder member of Lists4Europe.

We can manage an European list plan.

lists4europe in direct marketing exhibition
ask for a presentation, require counts, send a brief !!
Mls is a brand of RCR - vat code es19890084y

list broking activity since 1990

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