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mls logo. In the list market since 1990
You can plan your direct marketing campaign in Italy selecting from 50 Lists B2C and 30 Lists B2B.

How to increase mail deliverability, verify addresses, get the lowest postage rates.
The most complete software to normalise and manage merge/purge operations.

MLS operates with a proactive attitude, so you can choose many alternatives.

How does MLS check and monitor Italian data sources ?  download the document:

Direct Marketing to recruite in Italy.

To contact your target:
Profiled lists, B2B and B2C, for these direct marketing channels:
postal mailing - inserts - mobile marketing - email marketing - telemarketing.

Dozens of businesses have worked with MLS
Time Magazine
Life Line Screening
National Pen

Who we are:
Marco Merlo, in 1990 founded Mls srl which main mission is to supply marketing lists to businesses that want to communicate using direct marketing tools.


To optimize Direct Marketing actions.

In the complicated italian list market, the mission of MLS it to optimize the choice of sources that are different for: prices, profiles, data reliability, compliance with data protection law etc. For that is important to introduce the lists with datacards showing all information necessary to order with awareness.
But not only lists.....MLS, since 1990, believes that the fair play is the most important value to act as list broker and keep relationships with clients and suppliers  

The widest range of  targetedupdatedmonitored Italian lists coming from definite sources.

Mls is a founder member of Lists4Europe.

Lists4Europe manages European Direct Marketing actions.

lists4europe in direct marketing exhibition
Ask for a presentation, Require for free counts.

Mls is a brand of RCR - vat code ES19890084Y

Tel. 0034 699551812

list broking activity since 1990

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